Canadian Association
of World War II Veterans
from the Soviet Union


Victory Day 70:

Dear Friends!

Based on the initiative of the Canadian Association of World War II Veterans from the Soviet Union, an Organizing committee has been set up to plan the day of remembrance and celebration of the 70th anniversary of the war end. The program includes many events that culminate in the
Victory Parade of the veterans from the Allied nations as well as a concert that will take place in Earl Bales Park on May 9th, 2015.

A message from the organizing committee:

Victory Day 1945-2015


  Victory Day’ holds a particularly special place amongst the various commemorative days in world history. On this day, May 9th, 1945, ended the most atrocious and bloody war in the history of mankind - the war - in which the Soviet nation lost more than 27 million of its sons and daughters.

  For the Soviet people, the Great Patriotic War lasted 1418 days. During those dreadful days, shoulder to shoulder, stood people of all nationalities and religions, selflessly doing their duty by fighting the enemy on the battlefield or supporting the efforts on the Home front. It was this union of the whole nation that led to the historic victory over fascism.

  Today, 70 years later, we realize even more how significant the Soviet people’s sacrifice was. We bow our heads to commemorate the deceased and honour the heroism of the living. Sadly, time takes its toll and every year we see among us fewer veterans and eyewitnesses to that terrible war. And thus, it is our duty, as the children and grandchildren, to do everything we can to preserve the memory of the great victory that secured our lives and our freedoms.

  The organizing committee for the 70th Anniversary of the Victory invites everyone to participate in this celebration, to show our gratitude to the veterans and to commemorate those who are no longer with us.



Help us create an unforgettable 70th Victory Day Celebration in Toronto for our veterans!

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